Safety Standards

Dreamland Amusements Adheres To One Basic Principle: Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

Our internal standards exceed state and local requirements in every community we operate. Our crew and foremen inspect every ride prior to daily operation. In addition, weekly inspections are conducted by certified state inspectors, and local authorities (fire marshal, Departments of Labor & Health) as stipulated by governing rules and regulations. Dreamland Amusements’ rides are checked for safety more often than any standing amusement park.

Winter Headquarters

Located in Delco, North Carolina (15 miles west of Wilmington, NC), Dreamland Amusements Winter Headquarters boasts 15 acres, climate-controlled storage and maintenance hangars, paint, metal and wood shops.

During the winter layover, the rides and attractions are disassembled, thoroughly inspected, overhauled and restored to factory specifications for the next season.

Amusement Organizations

Dreamland Amusements is a proud member of several professional organizations. Chartered to promote safety and ethics, membership demands the highest standards in conduct and practices.

National Showmen's Association Showmen's League of America National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO)