Why Choose Dreamland Amusements

There’s nothing more traditional than the annual carnival. For many communities, charities, benevolent and fraternal organizations, it’s more than just fun. Dreamland Amusements helps make possible their good works and services by providing the means to raise money, generate visibility and bring people together in a wholesome homespun atmosphere to achieve a common goal.

Dreamland Amusements is an amusement ride company which carries over 35 rides from New Hampshire to Miami, FL. There is a 15-acre winter headquarters which is located in downtown Delco, NC, 15 miles west of Wilmington, NC. Not only does Dreamland Amusements supply rides, games, and food stands for county and state fairs, our equipment has been featured in TV ads, many private parties, corporate rentals, and concert dates. Our company also supplies silent generators, benches and covered seating areas. At many of our fairs, Dreamland Amusements does an extensive landscaping package. For advertising, we market our events through cable TV, radio, coupon distribution, as well as a custom mailer designed just for our demographics. After our event has come to its end, our staff does a thorough cleanup of the grounds, leaving them as we found them.